Furby is Back


Do you guys remember THIS little guy?


Yes, this is Furby!!

Back in 1998, Furby was the IT toy, so super popular that kids everywhere were disappointed as Furbies flew off the shelves and they couldn't get their own! More than 40 million Furbies were sold and  I remember I badly wanted one as they so resembled Gizmo, the cute gremlin from the Gremlins movie!

Plus, Furbies could talk and move!! So adorable! Till today, there are many toy collectors who still kept their Furbies and they are still functional!! Madness.

Time really flies - after 15 long years, Furby is back again!! I was invited to Furby 2012's official launch and haven't never owned a Furby before, I totally didn't know what to expect.

But after a runway show where the dancing Furbies were brought into the room, EVERYONE SQUEALED BECAUSE THEY WERE JUST BEYOND ADORABLE!!

The Furbies came in 6 different colours and all have distinct personalities depending on how you treat them!! They squirm around and their ears keep flipping back and forth as they speak Furbish, their own  language... Really cute!!

Furby now comes with super expressive LED eyes - I've seen the eyes do all sorts of expressions from being in love (many hearts sparkling) to puking. lol

Yellow Furby here is a singer... Behold, for yes, Furbies now can react to YOUR music and they will sing and dance in tune!!! Technology, why you so amazing!!

White Furby is a sweet princess

This Red Furby has my favourite personality of the lot... She is a DIVA!! Really love how the Furby peeps decorated each Furby stage and accessories in accordance to Furby's personalities.

LOL we were all queuing up to snap a pic with the big celeb of the night!!

Other than playing music for your Furby, you can also pull its tail (careful, some of them don't like it), pet its head, tickle the tummy, shake it, turn it upside down or feed it with your finger.

Not only that, Furbies recognise their own kind!!

If you put Furbies together with its friends they will chatter non stop lol

When I left the event I got presented with my very own Furby... I chose white, and it is ginormous!!


Just kidding, that's just the Furby standee.

But guess what? After the first 6 colours were introduced, 4 more colours came out, and I got an additional PINK Furby to make friends with my white one:

HEY FURBIES!!! They couldn't stop chatting and giggling with each other.

Can you guess what Pinkie is saying? Well, your Furby will speak loads of Furbish initially, and "kah may-may oo-nye" means "Me Love You". How do I know? There is a Furbish translator and dictionary! More about that later.

As you keep interacting with your Furby, Furby will learn to speak more and more English - from YOU!! So cool right?

I don't know why, but I guess my Furby somehow got my bimbo personality and kept saying "O. M. G" - I don't remember saying that to my Furby at all lol

So I was saying about the Furbish translator - yes there is an app specially for Furby!! Just search "furby" in the app story - you can get the Furby app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, for free.

I don't know HOW, but somehow my iPhone can interact with my Furby!! My Furby speaks, and the app translates!!

But this is not the fun part, the most fun part is feeding your Furby!!

You can create your own burger to feed Furby... Fries with a lollipop, fried egg and beef patty why not?


You can choose from the pantry a myriad of extremely odd foods to (force)feed Furby that you will never try yourself.

Old sock or burnt toast anyone?

What I screenshot here is not a complete list, there are MANY more interesting things you can feed Furby, and all you have to do? Select the food and just flick it out of the screen into Furby's mouth! LOL you can even feed your Furby your math homework or your old underwear!

Your Furby will chew and let you know whether it likes it or not (via the LED eyes). Different Furbies like different things.

I found it so hilarious that some of the items Furby actually spits back out, back into my iphone screen!

Like if you feed Furby a fortune cookie...

Furby spits out your fortune!! And it changes everytime. You can feed Furby the piece of paper again and Furby will unhappily eat it.

I fed my Furby a pufferfish.

He vomitted a puffed up pufferfish. And I fed him the puffed up pufferfish...

He literally vomitted vomit to me this time. And you guessed it... I fed him his own vomit.

He gave me a different kind of vomit. LOL!!!

Furby, why you so cute??

I love my Furbies!!!

Oh and in case you are wondering, Furbies don't "wake up" unless you play with them, so most of the time my Furbies are just sitting in the corner with their eyes closed, snoozing. Amazingly enough, I haven't had the need to change batteries yet.

Interested to get your own Furby or one for your kid? 

Furbies retail at $119.90 at Toy R Us and major departmental stores, EpiCentre, EpicLife, Nubox, iStudio and selected electronic stores.

You can click HERE for more Furby fun or visit http://www.furby.com to select your favourite Furby colour out of the 10 available!