It's A Store And More

Note: New blog entry under this advert!


Today's blog entry is for a brand that absolutely needs no advertising!! I'm sure you already know what it is coz of the title right? Perhaps you were singing it in your head!

That's right, it's 7-Eleven!!

Why do I say 7-Eleven needs no advertising? Since its start in Singapore in 1983, it has now flourished to 570 stores islandwide... Every corner you turn there is a 7-Eleven and they are always popular!!! If they never get out of your eyesight, they definitely don't need to advertise, right? LOL

Then why am I writing about 7-Eleven?

Because 7-Eleven wants to return the love you've been having for them by GIVING YOU PRIZES!!  And I'm sharing it with you guys! :D

Do you like travelling?

7-Eleven is giving away $5000 worth of travel vouchers!!

But before I get to that, I want to talk a little bit more about 7-Eleven.

I love 7-Eleven!! Why?

The main reason is that they are ALWAYS OPEN!!! 24/7, 365 days a week, rain or shine!! When I think of 7-Eleven I think of buying snacks for midnight mahjong, quenching my thirst when I am out, smuggling snacks into the cinema in my bag from 7-Eleven because I refuse to pay the cinema's exorbitant prices... AND SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!!

Afterall, 7-Eleven has been around before I was born, and I remember how much I used to patronise the stores with my childhood friends ever since I've had the freedom to spend my own pocket money.

And now that I'm older, amazingly enough I came to realise that 7-Eleven isn't just for snacks and drinks... You can do so much other stuff there too like pay phone bills, top up cashcards, buy car coupons, or even buy household cleaning items!!

Every kids' (and some adults') favourite... SLURPEE!!! Only available at 7-Eleven and I love that there are so many yummy flavours!! My favourite was to mix cola with cherry!!

Just $1 on Mondays? GIMME!!!

Btw I've never gotten a brainfreeze before... Is that weird?

YES! Fill the Slurpee to the BRIM of the domed plastic lid!! MORE IS MORE!!

Omg does anyone remember Mr Softee? CHENDOL FLAVOUR WAS MY FAVOURITE!!! So sad about it being gone!!

This is another of my cinema smuggling favourites!!! Mashed potatos!! When I first saw the machine I was so amazed that mashed potatoes can come out almost liquid and harden immediately. O_O and it's delicious!

Some cookies for ya?

Did you guys know that if you wished to have a really quick meal you can actually cook your own cup noodles at 7-Eleven? Yes! They provide boiling water for you and a fork!! With a $2 combo you get a cup of Gulp too!!

You cannot get a meal with a better price than that!! When I was a poor student I used to eat lunch after school with my fellow poor schoolmates at 7-Eleven.

And don't think just because my meal is so economical I didn't enjoy it! Coz 7-Eleven used to have a brand of of cup noodles called First Choice and my FAVOURITE cup noodle flavour was First Choice's Green Curry flavour! Not available anymore though. :(

Ok enough of my 7-Eleven stories... So you want to win the $5000 travel vouchers?

Join the 7-Eleven Leading Brands Contest!!

7-Eleven's Leading Brands is a yearly campaign where 7-Eleven commemorate and recognize the top and most loved brands sold in 7-Eleven

How to win?

1) Spend $3 at any 7-Eleven store and keep the receipt.

2) Go to 7-Eleven's FACEBOOK PAGE and hit "Like"!

3) Join the contest by simply picking your favourite brand out of 80 brands.

4) Contest ends 9th October, hurry!


A total of FIVE winners will be chosen to be given $1000 worth of travel vouchers each!! Dream up your dream holiday now and go join, because it just might be YOU getting a free getaway!


WAIT! That's not the end of the prizes!! 

Do you own a BLOG like me??

If you do, you can join the 7-Eleven Blogger Contest!! You stand to win the same prize of $2,000 worth of travel vouchers!!

Join the contest via Nuffnang's website HERE!!


Here's 7-Eleven's facebook page again, go like and win now!!

Terms and Conditions
* Purchase excludes cigarettes, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, tickets purchase, lottery sales, new services and fuel purchase.
* Travel vouchers valid for purchase of airline tickets only.