Hongkong and Otaru with Park Hotel, part 5

OMG FINALLY I'm at my final blog entry about Hongkong and Otaru!!

Continuing from Part 4 here after Cheesie and I visit the Maruyama Zoo.

We had dinner treated by Cheesie's host parents. Got amazed by another instance of Japanese hospitality... Cheesie asked her host parents before we went to the zoo (without them) where to buy Jaga pokkuru, a potato snack she really liked that's kinda like Jagabee. She pouted and told me that her host parents were very dismissive with the answers, saying they didn't really know where to get it, when usually the Japanese put in utmost effort into helping others.

Later on during dinner they surprised her with 2 boxes and it turns out they were delibrately unhelpful because they wanted to help her buy it!! WHY LIKE THIS T_T HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO NICE

After dinner we went for more shopping even though we were both quite exhausted!! BUT DON'T CARE!!!


I love Liz Lisa coz everything inside is so floral and girly + the shops smell like roses. :D

I wonder if Cheesie still loves Liz Lisa now... Cheesie? *sad voice*


Liz Lisa: "Cheesie? You used to love me... What did I do wrong? Please come back..."

Ultra friendly salesgirls

Went crazy with their Chambre a coucher collection - it's room decor items like bedsheets, cushions, PJs etc...

I want my room to look like that!! Well it sorta does now lol. :D

Stop pestering me to do a house tour, it's not like I'm being lazy or secretive ok, it is just coz although I've moved in already the renovations are STILL not finished so I cannot snap pics just yet!! I will do it asap though coz I know everyone is anxious to see. I am too!!

Cheesie took a pic of a this Polaroid coz she said the girl is famous.


It's Chamber's mascot, a sleeping lamb called CHAMPOUF!! (pronounced like shampoo)

AWWW SO CUTE!! And so so soft!!

Champouf came in different sizes and there were GIANT ones to medium ones to hang on bags to tiny ones that held a measuring tape inside. Couldn't resist and bought 2!!!

Cheesie also bought 1 and we shared to buy one for Audrey... I told Cheesie that Champouf's gonna be the new Duffy lol but I guess that didn't happen. Still, Duffy's way too mainstream now!

 Champouf was really expensive :X

Our haul for the day!! Lugging these all back to Otaru via train!! Tried very hard to photoshop my tummy away and couldn't. Worse part, Cheesie caught me eating. Something that looks like carbs. LOL

Here's my haul of soft toys from the trip wtf. Duffy (hey I bought it over a year ago) from Hongkong Disneyland's shop at the airport, 2 Champoufs, one bunny and one hello kitty pretending to be a bunny - this one is a Hokkaido specialty and I wanna collect hello kitties from all over the world! The Polar bears hugging are from the Maruyama zoo and a gift from Cheesie's host parent's friend.


If you remember from the previous posts Grand Park Hotel Otaru was right next to the ocean!!

So one of the tourist attractions is to go on a yacht and so we did!!!

Our ultra matchy outfits... Somehow both of us packed lace shorts. And both jackets are actually mine!! I saw them at Tutuanna and couldn't resist... Terry cloth pastel pink with grey hearts and mint green with lilac hearts!! Till today cannot decide which one I prefer. There was also lavendar with pink hearts, ultra regret not buying a third. :P

Bringing our Champoufs out for a sailin'

While waiting for the captain we camwhored... A LOT.

Afterall it was PERFECT weather and we had such a nice background!!

LOL we BOTH drew on fake freckles.

And we got on a really nice 2 storeyed yacht!!


The yacht brought us to see awesome scenery around the area...

And into a beautiful cave...

Which resulted in me camwhoring with the cave and seeing not really any cave in the picture.

The yacht trip itself was fun because of the awesome wind and great view... But I didn't really enjoy myself because the Captain (old dude, not handsome) was trying to flirt with Cheesie the entire fucking time so he just monopolized her whole attention by yakking non stop to her. In Japanese. While I was left alone to comtemplate if I can push him off the yacht and somehow manage to steer it back to shores. I couldn't so I just had to tolerate him. Note to self: Get Yachting license.

You would think that with the sea, breeze and calming waves I would be perfectly fine by myself and initially I was but after 20 mins of his behaviour I started to get extremely frustrated with him snatching my Cheesie away. After all we are his guests and he is supposed to take a back seat to just bring us around, not try to be the center of attention and have his guest (by that I mean Cheesie) entertain him. URGH.

Note: Yacht dude not under employment of Grand Park Hotel.

After our yacht trip Cheesie and I walked around the malls near the hotel some more and had the awesome Grand Park chef make us yet another award-winning dessert:

It looks almost vulgarly yummy!!

Melting cream oozing out from a puff pastry most delicately baked with a creme brulee caramelized crust on top. OH-SO-GOOD.

Not as nice as the angel brains he did the other day, but really, really close. My bar for desserts got set super high during this trip. :X

Sadly, it was time for us to leave afterwards...

Our matchy everything at the train station.

Cheesie and I were talking about people who bring soft toys on trips and pose the toys with famous monuments to snap pictures and show off ala Amelie...

Cheesie said that instead of soft toys I should post pictures of my disgusting Juicy slippers with famous landmarks because I really wear my Juicy slippers EVERYWHERE.

So here's my slippers with the Otaru ferris wheel.

They are SO filthy and worn out but they are my FAVOURITE footwear!! I don't ever wear flat shoes so these are also my most comfortable wedges. Don't you all have a pair of shoes you are so in love with? I bought these slippers in like maybe 2008? in a Juicy Couture store in Texas for USD$65.

At that point I thought they were so freaking expensive but after so many years the slippers are still 100% intact and they are the ONLY footwear I will trust to bring overseas because I KNOW that they will not break on me. Talk about good workmanship!

And they have been with me on most of my overseas trips wtf. Very well travelled.

Cheesie and I reach Hongkong to fly back to KL and Singapore... Her flight was earlier than mine so with the extra time I went to do my nails, randomly walking into a salon near the hotel.

 Very nice!!

Ending with this giant poster of Juicy Couture I saw at the airport. All the girls are so pretty I can't choose my favourite.

Once again THANK YOU PARK HOTEL GROUP for sponsoring such an AWESOME holiday for Cheesie and me!!