Xiaxue the Cover Girl

Some of you may have already seen the following pictures because I've been asked to be on the cover of Lifestyle magazine for the National day issue!!

And Lifestyle is actually the largest circulating magazine in Singapore!! *claws face*

Don't know what I did to get so lucky. Actually when I was asked, I didn't even believe it was true until I went for the shoot and like a billion people fussed over me.

Scratch that. Until the magazine ACTUALLY GOT PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED I didn't believe it was true. I kept thinking someone will object to so controversial a figure on the cover... But there you go!! It's become fact now!


OK before I post scanned versions of the rest of interview + photoshoot pictures, I'd like to blog a bit more! Tolerate this please!! Or skip it if you are a rebel, I know I have no power over what you want to read.


Tommy Wee, Handsome editor extraordinaire: Thank you for the chance, the choice, and the defense, which you guys can read in a bit in his Editor's Note. Understand that your unusual choice in cover figure must have turned a few heads, but hey, if you wanted attention for the magazine, you got it. Controversy is the least I can do for you, LOL. You guys can follow him on twitter here, and girls, don't get too mesmerized.

A picture with the editor

Germaine Lim, Ultra inquisitive wordsmith: Thank you for the in-depth interview, the deep, probing questions, for doing so much research for the article and lastly making it so interesting beyond the typical QnA format. Even I enjoyed reading this because there was so much you wrote that I didn't even know about!! And for your patience in my slow responses to emails!

Gillian, Good friend, Mentor, Sorta Boss: Thanking you a million times won't be enough and I bless the day the doctor saved your life when your burst appendix tried to take it away. Won't be where I am today without you, believing in me 100%, telling me where I can do better (and sometimes video recording it), giving me guidance and always wishing the best for me. For all that you gave selflessly, you add on to my debt by always saying the sweetest things about me to others, including in this article. And I love what you wrote about me here. Getting too mushy... Just... Thanks.

Vernetta, Yi Ying, Frazer - some of my best sponsors: Thank you for all the kind words. I already had the best products and services from you guys and never expected praise for me on an interview afterwards!! Vern - never thanked you enough for the the dream wedding you made possible, even when you broke your foot! Frazer for the beautiful Electrolux products I cannot wait to use at my new home, especially the oven! And Yi Ying for the indulgence... many ZA foundations bestowed upon me that I haven't finished using them till now! It was, and is, a pleasure working with you guys.

The crazy team of photography, hair, makeup and stylists working for my Lifestyle shoot... Thank you for the patience, the glamour, and making my few hours super fun!! And the pictures turned out SO NICE!!! I love them very much!!

With my hairstylist and makeup artist Sean and Shaun!!

Tommy picking the final shots... 
You cannot find a more decisive editor! 
Done in like 2 minutes.

Ok here are the scanned pages... I don't have a scanner so my mom scanned these for me. The resolution turned out pretty bad. :( But it will have to do.

Credits to Lifestyle Magazine:

Yes, thank you for the faith, impartiality and candour, everybody. 

You too Tommy

Bit of a mistake there...
100,000 facebook likes. 

Don't like this minus one zero leh!!

Also 92k instagram followers by now!

Love the styling...

After this shoot I actually got inspired to wear more bright colours instead of always pastels!!

(continued 3 pictures down)

This is actually my favourite picture, the one in front of the mirror. It's so chic!!

And I LOVE the timeline of hair colour changes Germaine did!! :D

Plus tips on how to snap a good profile picture

This is obviously my favourite part of the interview... People praising me!!


And my least favourite because it contains my least favourite people's faces.

Thank god Sophie and Qiu are there to balance it out. Actually, I like Peter Coffin too. He gave me international fame!

Some of you asked me where to buy Lifestyle magazine... Short answer... You can't, it is purely based on subscription.

Gillian told me that some readers wrote in to Clicknetwork asking for a copy. A girl even said she looked at newstands all over and didn't manage to find it. So Gillian asked Lifestyle for some copies, and Lifestyle obliged by giving her ten. G replied the reader, who promptly went down to Click's office to collect. She even offered to pay for the magazine!! I don't know who you are, random reader, but thank you for liking me and I like you too!!

Now isn't this story just full of niceness and nice people? So anyway if you desperately want to keep a copy, you can try emailing clicknetwork at gtl@clicknetwork.tv to see if there are still any left. Self collect only!!

If you wish to subscribe to future editions of Lifestyle, here is the form Tommy kindly reproduced for me. Print it out and mail it to them!! There is also a phone number and email address there for more enquiries.

I'm in one of those moods where I feel like I LOVE EVERYONE!!!