I've been so super busy lately!! Everyday is jam-packed with activities!

In case you don't follow me on twitter or liked my facebook page (grrr) I've just got back from KL and Penang for Nuffnang's blogopolis and for Audrey and Tim's wedding! Rushed back so I can meet Michelle Phan. Then I'm doing intensive car lessons now so that I can take my practical test on August 11th wtf. So I haven't had much time for blogging!!

But I did make an effort to snap more Outfit of the Day (aka OOTD) photos nowadays before I leave the house! I never used to have that habit, I guess mostly because the sunlight in my old room wasn't optimal and I was fat. LOL

So here are some of the pics I stole from my own instagram to patronise you. I apologize if you have seen them. I apologize for nothing, they are so nice they are worth looking at twice.

Literally wore this today... New H&M loot from my shopping yesterday! Top and bag and iphone case H&M. Shorts Mango. Bracelet F21.

Such a good deal for the case... $7.90 only and it's a beautiful mint green and bejewelled all over. Love it. Necklace and giant sunnies from Bugis Street.

I've been so into neon!!! 

Skirt H&M, hair flowers H&M, neon pink jelly case Juicy Couture on sale at $25. I also bought the neon yellow version!!!

That day's makeup

Wore this ensemble to meet Michelle... And I'm standing in front of my new Princess Room's wallpaper!! SOON renovations will be done omg!!!!

Working overalls with a floral top! Both from F21. The funny pose is because I wanted to show off my topshop floral anklet. HOW CUTE IS IT??

That day's makeup

Shared my OOTD this special day with 7 other girls for Audrey's wedding...

Our Mary Julian bridesmaids dress!! Will blog more about the wedding soon I hope, although I really didn't snap much pictures. I was rushing around doing bridesmaids duties!

To answer questions to why I'm not in pink... Pink was obviously the most coveted colour and I think most of the girls didn't wanna pick it first (Asians must act like they are shy) even though Audrey told us to choose the colour we wanted. I just requested for no reds coz it will clash badly with my hair and Aud picked turquoise for me. Ended up looking good I think, pink hair with pink top is a bit too matchy matchy!

Our nude shoes that day!! Which do you like the best?

Don't know if you guys are patronising me but apparently when I asked this on facebook most said mine. *shy*

I love this pair of nude chiffon ribbon wedges too!! It cost me about $120 in Osaka :(

All the shoes there were so expensive but Japanese shoes are ALWAYS so comfortable with a cushion lining so I bought it. The brand is Baby Pure.

Personally I'm mad in love with Angela's shoes, the one with the hard ribbon. I asked her if they are expensive because they LOOK expensive (look how the heel is special from the previous pic). She just laughed it off. Later I saw it was Prada wtf.

So if your first choice is the hard ribbon pair, you know you have expensive taste. LOL


Yutaki snapping pics for me in the Juicy fitting room. Hi-low skirt from Cotton on...

The hi-low trend went as fast as it came but I don't care I still like hi-low skirts because of the dramatic way they billow out behind you as you walk. Nothing really compares except a cape I think. LOL

$2 cotton on tee. Topshop shorts. Flowers from Diva.

So my OOTD is my own face. Clicknetwork will be selling these limited edition Guide to Life tees!!

Tropical flower print shorts from Topshop...

And that day's makeup

Adidas top (I don't know what got into me that made me buy this, not my style at all), Mphosis lilac shorts and a $18 lilac inspired Balenciaga bag from Bugis!!

Dotted zits with eyeliner to pretend they are moles.

Another $2 top from Cotton on. Ridiculous sale!!

Fishtail braiding

For the haters

Filmed a hair tutorial... I will be teaching y'all how to do this hairstyle!!!

Neon skull top H&M boys

Flight getup. Jacket F21, floral jeans H&M. I SAW THEM ON SALE YESTERDAY FML

Dress H&M necklace Diva

Cape top Bugis Village

Top F21 kids, shorts Bugis Village

Ok that's it for the self-absorbedness. It is kinda cool to see myself in so many outfits lol.

After I posted these photos on facebook a lot of people started asking me why my head is so big.


It is big because it is big lah idiot!

Yes I have a big head but it did not suddenly expand because I lost weight! I just have a very petite frame and narrow shoulders ok! And I never used to take full body shots so I guess people never noticed?

Anyway it is not like I can get head shrinkage surgery so stop harping on it!! 

Mike likes my big head ok he says I look like a lollipop and he is amazed I can even balance hahahha.


DEAL WITH MY BIG HEAD!!! Embrace it and love it. LOL

Speaking of big heads...




No these photos have no edit except a filter!

I love it when he sleeps on his side right next to my foot. ♥


Sophie X igloo. BTW Sophie asked me to blur her out with instagram, I didn't do it because I hate her.

This is my freaking ABSOLUTE favourite picture of Igloo!!!

The guys were hanging out at my place and I put a hair scrunchie on Igloo just for fun. It is very loose around his neck don't worry...

His grumpy like hell face + the scrunchie + the paws + the fuzzy head + the eyelashes + the freaking yoda ears + the bushy tail + 1 visible ball sack... SERIOUSLY I CAN'T DEAL WITH HOW CUTE THIS PHOTO IS.

Flat out asleep. #punny


My caption for this was: "Please help! My mommy won't stop snuggling me!" ♥

Sometimes I still cannot believe how adorable he is or that he belongs to me and loves me so much that he follows me everywhere. He makes me so so so happy!!!

Will try to update again soon!!

p/s: I think comments are still fucked. Lionel is fixing it.

p/p/s: All pictures are taken by the iphone and edited with the iphone!