Wake up to beautiful lashes


Do I look weird here or what? 

It is because I am missing something...

Figured it out yet? It's LASHES!

I simply cannot do without them!

There are many ways to get gorgeous, prominent lashes... Mascaras, falsies, extensions, perming, and even implants! Us girls will do just about anything to get our peepers to look brighter and bigger. ;)

So today I will be talking more about eyelash extensions!! As the older readers probably know, I am a big fan of lash extensions and I have been doing them with the same beauty salon since 2005. I'm such a loyal customer!!

This salon is Carragheen!

A little back story... Back in 2005 it was very uncommon for people to stick on falsies. If you do it people will think you are mad and have on way too much makeup. Falsies were mostly only used during photoshoots! Everyone used mascaras, but I always found mascara to be very time-consuming to put on... Not to mention the end result is highly dependent on the length and curl of your original lashes, and mine were not fantastic.

Then one day, I saw on another girl's blog that there was something called "eyelash extensions". This was the beginning of the lash extensions trend and not many people did it.

That blogger showed the before and after picture on her blog and I WAS SOLD. I cannot emphasize this enough... For someone who was constantly trying to make her lashes longer this was a freaking dream come true!!

I immediately called the number and booked an appointment with a girl called Cherlyn. Back then Cherlyn ran a one man show in Burlington Square. She did lash extensions for me, and I was so happy with the results, I went back to her for 7 years till today!


1) And this is the best reason... You wake up beautiful!! This is something that falsies and mascaras cannot beat!

Everyday you wake up and you are already half made up. You save time on your makeup routine, and on lazy days where you do not put any makeup at all you still look decent! That's why everytime I go on holiday I try to get extensions on, because during holidays you have to wake up early and you don't want to waste extra time fussing with eyelash glues etc. It's hasslefree!

2) It can look very natural, completely like REAL long lashes, or look very ultra thick and dramatic. It's all up to your perference!

3) Lash extensions usually last about 1 month to 3 months if you take good care of them.

Here are pics of me getting my lash extensions on!

Arrival at Carragheen, which is very conveniently located at 12A Liang Seah St, across Bugis Junction. I love the salon because it is so nicely decorated with an ocean/beach theme.

All the rooms come with nice, clean, comfy beds. The extensions take at least 30 mins to finish so it's great for a nap too! :D

As I've mentioned Cherlyn has been my beautician for so many years now. From a little one-man-show she ran to the 2 storey salon Carragheen is now, she has retained and gained so many customers only because she is always honing her craft and making sure her customers get the best and newest products and technology.

She has been a pioneer at lash extensions and I've seen her change so many glues and lashes until her technique has improved beyond recognition! She is a crazy perfectionist! Not to mention all her staff are personally trained by her. They are all very skilled!

When the lash extensions trend exploded in Singapore there were many... I wouldn't call them beauty salons... more like just shops set up by enterprising China ladies... claiming to do lash extensions too. Sometimes their services can go as low as $30. The prices may be cheaper but I will not advise anyone to go to these salons... Their beds (sometimes you don't even get a bed) are usually not sanitary and neither are their products. If glue isn't tested properly it can cause allergic reactions or worse! During lash removals it is also very important to be ultra gentle because rough tugging can cause your own lashes to fall off. It is better to just pay a bit more and go a trained, certified lash professional to do it for you.

Ok enough talking let's start!

First my eye makeup is removed!

A surgical tape is placed under my lashes... Don't worry it doesn't stick to your bottom lashes!!

You can pick from a selection of lashes...

The Princess Series where the lashes come in a bundle and gives a more dramatic look...

Or the Natural Series where the lashes come in singular form 
and turn out super natural and soft-looking.

Cherlyn is doing the Princess Wild lash for me because... I love drama!

Stick stick stick and one eye is done!! Tadah, see the difference!? The amazing glue she uses is very lasting yet won't sting your eyes.

Both eyes done!! You may notice the lashes also look a bit brown because she chose a subtle brown lash for me. :D

The effect is very pretty!! No photoshop I swear.

You may notice that two of my bottom lashes got stuck to the top. It isn't because of the extensions, it just accidentally got caught when I blinked. Easily took them out.

Was so pleased because I usually will not step out of the house without some eyeliner but with no eye makeup at all I already look pretty! :D

The lashes sort of form an eyeliner for me, elongating my short eyes and making them all fluttery.

Of course, you can still put makeup on if you want!! I love how Carragheen has a professional makeup counter there so you can use their products to touch up your makeup. :p

With makeup, even better! Love love love it!!

Interested to give lash extensions a try? I know you guys have a lot of questions so I will try to answer them!!

1) Will lash extensions cause you to lose your own lashes?

No. If you do not tug them off yourself and go to a good Lash Professional to remove them, there is no reason why you should lose your own lashes. However, I will say it is sometimes difficult to resist pulling them off even though you know it is bad for you, like plucking dead skin off your lips.

2) What happens after a month to 3 months?

Your own lashes grow out, pushing the extensions out. Or the glue is worn out, making the extensions loose. Some may drop out, others may dangle loose. When this happens you can go for a touch up with your Lash Professional, or choose to remove the lashes completely.

3) How do I "maintain" extensions for as long as possible?

As much as possible try not to wet them. This seems crazy but it is actually easy to wash your face without wetting your extensions at all!! If you swim, wear goggles.

4) Are they uncomfortable?

They are not uncomfortable to me unless they become very loose.

5) Can people with very sparse and short lashes do extensions?

Mostly, the answer is yes, except in very severe cases. It is best to book an appointment with Carragheen and have them assess.

6) Do I still put mascara on the lashes?

No you don't.

7) Is it painful?

No pain at all.

If you are keen to give lash extensions a try, I've got good news!!

The usual price of Princess Wild Lash is $95.

it is $59 only!! 

Especially only for you guys!

Princess Natural Lash is even less at $49!!

Not only that, you get 1 session of Natural/Day Make-Up worth $58 FREE!!!

AND AND AND... As you get your extensions done Carragheen will also pamper your skin by giving you Silk Poreless Mask worth $30... ALSO FREE!!!


Terms and conditions:

- To enjoy the promotion, readers are to present an electronic copy upon redemption. You can just printscreen what I wrote above on your mobile to show Carragheen!

- Subject to availability.

- By appointment only.

- Not applicable with other promotions or vouchers.

- Promotion valid till end of July 2012.

As you all know, it is now the GSS season so there are also other treats available at Carragheen:

If you don't want the Princess series of lashes, you are still entitled to the 15% off the Natural Series for single eyelash extensions... And you are still entitled to the makeup session and mask. Nice isn't it?

In order for you to get the Silk Poreless Mask, just click HERE to go to Carragheen's facebook page and click like + share on their GSS promotion.


12A Liang Seah Street

Telephone : 6222 3376

Email : info@carragheen.com