Lilac/Lavender/Purple hair

Say hello to my purple hair!!

Well it's not really purple I was going for coz I wanted pale shade of purple... So I suppose it's Lavender? Why are purple shades so confusing? Who is going to be able to tell between lilac/lavender/purple/mauve/violet?!

Anyway... So just a short post consisting of all the photos I took with the iPhone!!

The first time dyeing the hair lavender was sorta a disaster. You saw a preview of it on the Phuket post... That was the first day after dyeing. Subsequently after one single wash all the ends faded to a hot mess of pink/grey/white and only the roots maintained the lavender shade. FAIL!!

This is after my touch-up:

The lavender really goes well with teal. 

Loving the hair with either green or grey contacts!

This one I also posted on POTM. If you are very free you can see the difference in editing. lol

I also posted this one:

With the caption: "Can't fit into any of my size 24 denim shorts anymore! What do I wear?! #humblebrag #Actuallyimpleased #youcandoittoo #thinspo"

Oh man the comments I received on facebook were nasty! I mean most people were nice but there were also a lot of people saying that...

1) I OBVIOUSLY photoshopped the picture - and the know-it-alls were examining the picture and talking about how my arms/legs don't match with the stomach...

2) That I was just wearing a big pair of shorts which were not size 24... OBVIOUSLY.

3) Most ridiculous of all... That the girl in the picture is not even me because there is no head.

Well just to clarify... No, the photo is not edited. I'm really quite surprised people even thought so given my history of honesty. I don't do stuff like that just to get unwarranted praise.

Besides... If you look at the lines of my wardrobe next to my waist, you can tell the lines are straight. Proof enough.

The shorts in the picture were not specifically size 24. I said size 24 simply because prior to taking this picture I tried on all my size 24 Forever 21 shorts and they were all too big for me. And this pair of shorts, from Colza, is the same size as my F21 size 24 pairs. So yes technically its sizing is size 24.

Here's another pic that I took. Squint all you want for the photoshop proof!

And these are my size 24 shorts. 

Before you go off about how I'm probably anorexic... I'm not.

I'm very short with small bones. My hips are very narrow. That explains why the shorts were all so loose... I had neither the ass nor the waist to support them.

I'm just a tad sad because I have to give away ALL of my favourite denim shorts after my weight loss. If I wear them with a belt I look like I'm wearing diapers. Not that I'm not happy I am slimmer ok! I am! I just loved my shorts!!

I didn't lose that much weight on my legs/arms/face... Most of the weight was gone from my butt and stomach!

Btw a lot of you are still asking me. I've stopped my diet pill and I'm maintaining my weight now by eating less than I used to. I used to eat like an unrestrained pig. Now I try to eat less carbs with perhaps 2 meals a day - 1 and a 1/2 if I can help it. No it isn't really a torture because my appetite has really dropped and I get full easier now. And I feel healthier too :D

Also to answer the most popular question on my formspring now... What is the measurement of my waist if I cannot fit into size 24 shorts?

At the smallest of my waist it is 21.5-22 inches.

I don't know why so many of you are making such a big deal of this... There are so many freaking skinny Singaporean girls around and I'm hardly even close to their standards. I'm not saying I aspire to be, I'm just saying my size is pretty average among the girls I see on the streets... If you want to bug someone for their weight bug Qiuqiu please, she is 173cm and 47kg!! Ok I'm joking don't bug her she eats like a pig and just can't get fat.

Enough with the weight!!

Pictures taken today:


Totally matchy with my hair!!

I'm so gonna get boxed for saying this but I bought it just yesterday at H&M... It's supposed to be for kids aged 8-9. :X

It works well as cropped top. I never used to wear cropped tops coz I had a tummy but now I love them!!


LOOK, MEGAN FOX ALSO DOES IT, hate on her instead:

She stole her fiance's 8 year old son's tshirts to wear lol.

CMON! I've been pudgy all my life. I have to reject French fries. It's a sad existence. Just let me milk this skinny thing for a bit.

Igloo giving me licks on my thigh. Ticklish!!

LOL Igloo's such an attention seeker.

Crochet shorts from H&M kids too, for 11-12 year olds. :X

Blurry pic taken with the lousy front-facing camera

Loving Camera 360's filters!! Looks so dreamy!!

That's it for this blog entry!

I totally understand if you guys decide to hate me for this one. "Stupid cunt with the kids clothes. Bet she has no boobs. And her head is so fucking big on her small body. Hideous." There, I helped.