I cut my hair + I am a proud homeowner!

I got two big things to announce!! And they are....... Oh you already know from the title. LOL

Cant believe till this fucking day I'm still getting crazy comments from the previous blog entry, talking about how I'm jealous of Adele and how I put makeup too (? relevance?) and how I did plastic surgery. "Xiaxue you are just jealous because you can never win grammys!" - Not that I'd reject a fucking grammy if it's shoved in my face of course but wtf man... By that logic I should hate ALL past grammy winners, no? And don't say NEVER!! I'm still young! LOL

The thing I cannot stand the most is how people keep bleating about how she has "real talent". Excuse me? Know how to sing and write songs big fuck ah? Have you even seen Jay Chou fucking play two pianos at once, or seen me paint an awesome self portrait *ahem*??? Please, so many people have amazing talents. Even coming up with amazing styles like Lady Gaga is a talent, so stop saying Adele is soooooo super talented, like she is some rare commodity, ok?! I'm talented in photoshop, breaking eggs with no loose shell bits and plucking out large pieces of dandruff with my delicate fingers, does it mean Adele must be jealous of my talents?! NO RIGHT?

Anyway, enough of that sore topic!!

Today I wanna talk about myself!! ME ME ME ME ME!!

I cut my butt-length hair!!

Since a zillion years ago I've always wanted to have hair that's uber long. So I begin to not ever cut my hair... For about 4 years I never once even trimmed the ends or even allowed any hairstylists to go near me with a pair of scissors. I do cut my fringe, but even my fringe is cut by myself!!

Then one fine day I sat down on the toilet bowl and realised... In between my ass and the seat... is my hair. Not my ass hair, my head hair. I actually sat down on my fucking hair. I mean it's gross and all, but my point is that it's super long!

Having super long hair is a terror to maintain. Firstly, it's crazy tangled, combing is almost impossible, and so is brushing, unless you manually detangle the ends first. It takes up to 24 hours to thoroughly dry by itself. Conditioner is always running out. It keeps you so warm that if you are in Singapore without aircon, you almost always have to tie it up. Curling takes a thousand years. You accidentally whip people and they yell at you. It is super heavy and strenuous on the neck. You can't cuddle on the bed without it tangling in something.

And yet, I willingly, happily, tolerated all these because I always told myself... Don't cut! Maybe it will get longer and even prettier!! Maybe one day I can be the Guinness world record holder for longest bleached blonde hair! :D

Then... Kaykay dashed my dreams by telling me that not everybody can grow their hair till it reaches the ground. 

Everyone has a limit. For example, most people have hair that can grow for say, 4 years, before it drops off your scalp, so 4 years' length is the maximum you can have. Other hairs break. Just like your eyebrows cannot grow beyond a certain length, neither can the hairs on your head.


And then I realised I have reached my personal maximum. That's it, it doesn't get better than this. I have had the same length for a year now. I've peaked.

And this is as good as it gets. I can never be that World Record Holder.

Doesn't matter, it's still pretty damn gorgeous.

As you all know I've been complaining about neckaches and arm pains since months ago. Till today it's still not solved. :( One day I decided maybe it's the freaking heavyass hair that is causing me pain, so I decided to cut it off. Afterall I've had really long hair for a long time now - it's time for a change!!

I wanted that loose, light, swinging hair feeling. No more tangles, no more super-heavy-during-washing hair! Fuck off split ends!!

So I went into my salon, Mosche, for the cut. Some pictures before it begin....

 Time to say goodbye!!

Well such long hair is kinda pointless since the ends can almost never be seen in photos...

My hairstylist was incredibly cavalier about cutting off my hair. She doesn't give two hoots that it has been a lifelong dream of mine to have really long hair or that I've grew it out for years... She cuts hair EVERYDAY!!

And to my surprise, I was quite nonchalant about it too. I mean, just a while ago before Kaykay dashed my dreams I still had nightmares about people cutting my hair short sneakily. And if you asked me a year ago whether I'd snip off half my hair length I'd be scandalised and yelling "NO WAY!"

I really thought I'd be sadder about this but I wasn't. It's scary how people can just change their minds like that, no? Loved my long hair so much... Suddenly super sure I didn't want it anymore. I can only pray Mike won't have the same reaction towards me in time to come.

There we go! Snip snip snip!! What's wrong with me? When my stylist was cutting I actually wanted her to go shorter and shorter....

p/s: My hair was so long that I had to cut it standing up.

To my surprise nobody else gave a shit that my hair is much shorter now except Cheesie, who said she couldn't believe I did it and that my previous hair was like a fairytale coz nobody else had hair that length (and healthy) when it's bleached. I told her Rapunzel probably had neckaches too and the fairytale is a lie!!

It is this length now...

Pink hair littering the floor...

And tadah....

Ok I know it's actually not even that dramatically different and it is not THAT short either. But it's so much shorter than before!

Took a photo when I got home after I also got my roots done...

And then craziness seized me.

I ran my fingers through my hair... Because I told my stylist that I wanted the ends to be straight, she didn't do much layering. Thus, my naturally super thick hair STILL felt extra heavy. Cutting off half my length did not give me that light, breezy feeling that I was expecting. This was NOT what I wanted!

So I took a pair of scissors and went into the bathtub and cut SHITLOADS of hair away, sorta layering the hair myself.

I cut and cut and cut till I was happy with the lightness. The tufts of hair I cut off I threw into the toilet bowl until the whole bowl was pink. The length remained almost the same, but it was so much lighter!! :D

Then I went to KL and Cheesie brought me to Number76style, her salon in KL. The hairstylist there told me I did a terrible job cutting my own hair (lol, I honestly thought I did not bad), and trimmed it better for me. They also did some amazing hair treatment so if you are from KL, give them a visit. :D

Yes so that's my hair length now! I was actually considering going shorter, like shoulder or shorter... But Qiuqiu and Cheesie both told me to not be impulsive. Oh well.

Ok abruptly ending here about my hair. Also, it didn't fix the neckache although I must say I don't feel quite as strained now. Think I'm gonna go for an MRI.


What is this?

Finally got the keys to my own fucking house!!!

The whole house-hunting process I didn't want to blog or tweet too much about it because I was afraid I will jinx it somehow. But now the papers are signed and the old owners have moved out and I HAVE THE KEYS!! It's mine!! Well Mike's too, but still, half is mine!!

(Mike says it technically belongs to the bank but ignore him, he is a spoilsport.)

We bought an executive apartment in Lorong Ah Soo (I find the name hilarious!) for about $523k with a cash above valuation of $35k.

(I did not choose the place so I can add a vote to the Aljunied GRC wtf, just a coincidence)

Not gonna show pictures of the house because it is ugly as hell. The previous owners were an old couple who decided to move into a smaller apartment because their kids didn't live with them anymore, and their furniture were all very old... They didn't even have kitchen cabinets! So I need extensive renovation! I am so excited!!

I already found an interior designer + contractor and he is awesome!! He gave many ideas on how to improve the house and here's what we decided for all the space we've got:

Wooot!! Obviously those marked in pink are the areas I'm most excited about... My princess room (aka an office) and Mike and I will both have our own toilets!

UPDATED: Some of you have asked about the entrance to the Princess Room. It's gonna be at the corridor, but I was too lazy to draw a door there! I'm surprised you guys even noticed lol 

I've always wanted my own toilet so I can like have a pink bathtub and all. Plus I'm usurping the huge storeroom space for my walk-in wardrobe!! The excess storeroom crap can all be put in the guest room's wardrobe.:P

My ID Wayne already started looking for sponsors for me and so did Huiwen, my manager from Nuffnang. They are both so awesome and hardworking I'm gonna cry wtf coz some of the things we already found sponsors!!

But yes I'm still looking for RENOVATION SPONSORS!!!!!

So if you are interested or if you know a friend who provides the following, please let me know!! Of course I'd trade blog publicity for their services and goods. Their brands will also be featured on Guide to Life! :D

I need.....


Plumbing: Fridge, hood and hob, dishwasher etc

Wardrobe - for 2 walk-in wardrobes



Solid surface




Sponsors already found:



Wallpapers + carpets



Interior design


If you or your company is interested, please email me at xiaxue(at)gmail.com!!

For the next two months or so I'm gonna be blogging about renovation so I hope you guys won't be bored to death.