So many angry Australians



So last weekend was the Biannual Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 and if you follow my tweets you'd already know I won for the Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog (again :p).

But before I blog about that event, today I received a barrage of intense hate tweets from a bunch of Australian bloggers, some of which (or is it whom?) seem to be genial mummy bloggers wtf and they all seem to be for some reason talking about herpes and kangaroos. -_-

I had no idea what the hell was going on until someone linked me to a blog entry by some Australian blogger who apparently dedicated a hate post towards me.

Normally I wouldn't really give a shit because it's just another typical blog post about someone who doesn't understand that most of my blog entries are not serious and takes every little single detail out of context to dislike me. But judging from the response it appears that most Australians who read her blog and have never read mine are taking her words to heart so here is a blog entry about this.

I'm not gonna link that hate post because I read the "About me" section of that woman and it's the fucking saddest thing I've ever read. And I don't mean like loser sad but like that woman had a super hard life and had depression so please don't leave mean comments for her. She's taking an immense amount of pleasure from the hits her blog entry gave her (like documenting every hour wtf) and spending hours on end searching for "xiaxue" on twitter and replying everyone who replied me. I honestly believe she is psychologically damaged. :X

That aside, I still have to defend myself so here goes:

Firstly, Melissa, thank you for spending so much time reading my blog. It is amazing that you went all the way up to my rambling and boring 2003 entries - that's roughly 1,200 blog entries spanning across 8 years - and managed to find a few that really pissed you off. Did you enjoy reading them? I'm honoured that at the very least I'm not boring.

Let's tackle the thing that pissed you off the most - which is the travesty that I won for the Most Influential Blog (and I presume also Region's Best Blog).

Well, what can I say? My readers nominated me and yes I do wish to win so I asked them to vote for me. They did. My victory came as a complete surprise to me because as I said, there are many other very worthy contestants this year.

But how dare you suggest that somehow Nuffnang chose me to win because of... money? I'm literally sputtering in indignation - what the fuck has money got to do with anything? I don't care about your hatred for me but don't use it as an excuse to attack Nuffnang.

And then you go on and on about how YOU don't do ads for your website. WHO THE FUCK CARES? Bitch please, you don't do ads because your ads earns you peanuts. If you could get money for your children's college education, you would turn it down? *ROLLS EYES* Are we supposed to respect you more as a blogger for that? Ridiculous.

Next you say this:

You'd be forgiven for thinking that someone who writes things like this and looks like this is a 15 year old girl, and I ought to really be more supportive of her 'efforts.

Except that this is a 28 year old married woman. Who confessed when she met her husband (IRL, they met online) for the first time, she was terrified he would have pimples. That she wouldn't be able to date someone ugly because her blog readers would turn on her.

(Cannot believe she found a problem with my Love Story entry)(And thanks for saying I look 15 I guess.)

Ok, so you are saying it's ok for 15 year olds to write crap, is that right? Well, I noticed that in the two choice blog entries you decided to quote me on, they were written in 2003. TWO THOUSAND FUCKING THREE. That's 8 years ago.

I was EIGHTEEN. A silly teenager.

So what's this about a 28 year old married woman crap? And are you blind or just have some sort of understanding disability? You actually quoted me on your blog post and yet you can still miscontrue what I wrote?

Quote from me:
"I don't want to date someone who is, for example, ugly, because I know he will be criticised to death by blog readers, and I don't think that would feel very good for him." - I didn't want to date someone ugly not because my blog readers would turn on ME but on him.

Next you say I have feuds with people over how "fake" they are. Excuse me but where is your proof? Childish. I don't have feuds with people over their fakeness or otherwise. And then you go on to list how "fake" I am.

Oh wow clever observation - even my nick is fake she says. I suppose YOUR real name is Melissa444?????

Cannot believe she just made a fuss about monikers for bloggers wtf?!

And I NEVER said I will encourage my daughter to do nose surgery. I said I would ALLOW it if she had my old nose. Fucking idiots are always misquoting me!! Super pissed off.

Next up is the little chunk I wrote about Australia. Thanks a lot for taking it out of context. As I said, I was a stupid hormonal teenager when I wrote that. Thank you for digging up stuff I wrote almost a decade ago to justify how I should not be the winner in 2011! It is very reasonable.

I wrote that entry because the guy I liked liked a girl who is studying in Australia. It was all just a joke to persuade him to give up that girl and since I knew nothing else about that girl I had to attack on the "studying in Australia" angle. OMG I cannot believe I have to explain that that childish paragraph was a JOKE! Blah blah herpes etc it's a freaking JOKE, OK! I'm sorry if any Australians are offended - keep in mind I was a stupid teenager when I wrote that.

The ironic thing is that during the Nuffnang Awards I was actually spending the trip with Jessica and her boyfriend Sam who is Australian wtf. I have met loads of Australian friends and I like them.

Of the Aussie bloggers I especially love Chaigyaru and Superkawaiimama, both of whom are always really sweet and nice to me on twitter. I cannot believe that just during the awards I told Chaigyaru that the Aussie blogger community seems so awesome coz they are so supportive of each other and seem to genuinely love blogging - then this happens. -_-

So yes get this Australians - I LIKE YOUR COUNTRY!

But for the rest of you just irrationally pissed off that I won... All I have to say is...


Sorry I'm trying to be like real gracious and stuff but man that was so hard to resist.

p/s: Flying off to USA in two days with freaking two adverts to finish and I have to deal with this crap.