Patronising update

Yes yes I know I haven't blogged in a zillion years. Been busy these few days filming a mini web series and now I've fallen sick. *cough cough*

I think it's just the usual flu. Hopefully I'd get better in a few days. :(

Anyway I'm also working really hard on my new blogskin!! I know right, so sick of this old one!!

Couple of days ago the best BFF in the world (Shuyin that is) and the best mom in the world (my mom, in case that also needed clarification) went with me to get the banner header pictures taken.

A lot of work went into it and I must say I super love the results!! The pictures turn out SO GORGEOUS!

Don't say I don't love you guys... Here's a preview:

Yes that's a real bunny!

I wanted a romantic dreamy Liz Lisa floral vibe and it's perfect!

The photographer is actually Shuyin and people kept being so surprised about it coz she is not a pro photographer or anything and she took quite good pictures just using the Auto mode. Aperture, ISO and shutter speed - you all can go suck on Shuyin's ass. HAHAHA

I'd be blogging more about the shoot whenever the blogskin comes up. And you just have to wait a bit to see the rest of the awesome pictures!!

In any case if you can't get enough of my antics I don't only update on this blog.

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And if Tumblr is your poison I do have a Tumblr blog too (NEW!) where, also, I post the POTM pictures taken from my phone. :D

Toodles! Till next time guys!

p/s: Please pile praises on the photo.