Pizza Hut's 30th Anniversary


Woohoo!!! Was invited to Pizza Hut's 30th anniversary food tasting session where some bloggers and I had a first chance to try out their new menu which includes 25 new recipes!

(My first session with Pizza hut HERE)

6 new appertizers, 3 new pastas, 6 new Western favourites, 1 new baked rice, 2 new pizzas, 5 new beverages and 2 new desserts! So exciting.

I went there a very hungry girl and came out with my stomach almost exploding. Here are pics of some of my favourites:

Had an Emerald Sparkle which is just a creative name for my apple soda. Coz I was craving green apple that day! Refreshing and fizzy with little cubes of apple in it. :D

Stupid Huiwen snapped a pic of me as I was taking off my invisalign. LOL

After an unglam photo must post a pretty photo

We were all treated to the Pizza Hut staff dancing - then finally... FOOD!

Bruschetta with tomatoes and bruschetta with mushrooms

Crispy garlicky butter toast is the way to start!! 
Especially love the mushroom one. Definitely a more creative choice.

Gobbling coz I was SO hungry. But I was responsible enough to stop mid-bite for a picture.

Thick fries on dips, served with a grilled cheese sauce and a salsa!!

Fries might be common and boring but imho it is very difficult to get perfect fries!! These were piping hot and crispy, and I LOVEEEEEE the cheese sauce! Even asked for a second helping of it. It seemed like everyone loves the cheese - the other sauce was kinda neglected.

Hut's Platter - what can I say?

Fried food's always good. The sweet n' spicy drumlets are definitely the star though. Also included are criss-cut fries, calamari and tempura prawns. I love the prawns!  Great for sharing or if you like variety in your appetitzers.

Hot favourite! Cheesy mushrooms!

The mushrooms were super juicy and almost bursts in your mouth!
Combined with melty slightly burnt cheese. Awesome.

My favourite of the day has to be the Cheesy mussels... Succulent mussels hidden under a thick layer of cheese and the little extra touch of bacon. Gone within seconds!

I love how the shell is like a spoon so you can slurp up the rest of the juices/leftover cheese after eating the mussel itself.

Here's a pic of  "Lady" Iron Chef  (Brad) taking a pic of our next dish, the Hut's Chicken Steak.

Hate him and his $3,000++ sibeh pro camera putting my poor LX3 to shame!!!!!!! Don't like this lah everyone also blogger why you so professional!!

Don't believe me? Here's MY picture, taken with a $800 (2 years ago) camera:

It looks ok... Not terrible but meh...

And here's Brad's... I WANNA RAPE THAT CHICKEN!! Ffffffffuuuu

Don't say it's skills ok!!!! Brad helped me take a picture with my camera and it also looks sucky so it's the equipment!!

I can't be bothered to describe the chicken coz that photo does all the selling.

Seafood fiesta baked rice

For cheese and tomato sauce lovers. It tastes kinda unique coz it's a little sweet with pineapples inside. Full of mussels, prawns and calamari!

Huiwen photobombing me

Finally a pizza!!!!!!!

Captain's Catch Pizza!

Super creative with potato chips on it!! This pizza has a generous amount of fried fish (like 炸鱼片) on it too. The sauce is kinda creamy and cheesy. Definitely something special unlike your usual pizzas!

Huiwen snapping a pic of me replenishing lip gloss. What? Must look good in photos what! Remember lipgloss cannot be photoshopped!


Choco-Berry Banana Dessert Pizza!!

When we all ate this we thought it was just a biscuit under the fruits but it's real pizza!! Sprinkled with chocolate sauce, strawberries and bananas. I love those two fruits!!

So that concludes my blog entry... If you wanna try any of these, head out to any one of the 24 Pizza Hut outlets islandwide!

Hope I didn't make any of you too hungry!

Happy 30th birthday Pizza Hut!

Click click: PIZZAHUT.COM.SG