Adventures with Za in Bangkok!


Gotta love the peeps from ZA! They were launching a few exciting new products and unveiling their new ZA ambassador and she is Thai, so I got to tag along with other reporters to go to Bangkok for the regional press conference to meet her!

ZA also launched two new products - the True White Plus foundation (revamped from their best-selling foundation) and True White Plus Instant Brightener (totally new product)!

As an, ahem, backstage beauty reporter, I got to try out both products before they are even launched! Excitedness. I'm super obsessed with any product that makes my skin more gorgeous!

Got flown first class!

Ok just kidding. Not quite there yet. But my friend from SQ somehow had a colleague on that flight and she gave me that! You get to go to a special line during immigrations but I was a moron and mistook the first class line for the family line (where they do families with kids) and still waited a long time while confused parents and grannies stared at me. :(

We all hop along to Siam Discovery Lawn where they had the Za event.

There was a gorgeous Za BMW parked there so of course must camwhore with it!

The unabashedly pink stage. Love it!

Signing in as press. We got front row seats!

My pink Za moment!

Two pretty Thai girls hamming it up for me

Za's comprehensive range of skincare products on display

 The catwalk/fashion show! Love the happy girly vibe!!

AND DENG DENG DENG!! Someone drives in front of the stage!!

Baited breath, who is she?

She is Davika Hoorne, Za's latest ambassador.
And she is super duper gorgeous maximum!!

There she is being cute while posing... She's only 18!!!! 
And already a popular actress in Thailand. FML :(

There she is chatting with the host in rapid Thai. The host is also super cute but man Davika is like... statuesque.

End of the show....

Davika + models. Don't see already ok? Don't look at those legs it's depressing.

The next day, there was a series of press interviews with Davika and I got to sit in.

There she is, looking at her own picture. With the exact same hair and shoes as yesterday coz that attire's what she was wearing in all the posters! LOL so cute, I bet she has like 20 of this silvery dress!

A picture with Davika... She's very sweet and cute irl, it's super hard not to like her. But at the same time I'd prefer not to take photos with her anymore lol

And if you like our skin in the picture, guess what foundation we are both using? LOL

Brought my mom on this trip with me. Picture taken in the hotel room. She's awesome.

So what's Za launching?

Here are the camwhore pics with my new Za products!

True White Plus Instant Brightener

This little bottle seems so unassuming but it's AWESOME!!

What's a "brightener"? It is a new genre of BB cream. The Brightener is a fuss-free way to achieve pearly glowing skin instantly - brightening your skin, evening out skin tone and smoothening skin complexion!

The Instant Brightener is liquid instead of cream like BB creams. It is actually very light and goes on smooth with light-coverage. Your skin won't feel caked and unable to breathe.

The best thing about the Instant Brightener is that instead of the dull beige or greyish beige tone that most bb creams have, it's pinkish! Suitable for most Asian skin which has yellow undertones.

This evens out skin tone and gives you that coveted "no makeup but I still look awesome" look!

Also, it contains brightening pearls inside which gives you a super nice glow! It also has a whitening ingredient called Super HS Vitamin C to lighten scars and dark spots! LOVE!!

SPF 30 PA+++ ensures your skin doesn't get sun damage while you are out too!

Nude translucent look with no foundation, just the Instant Brightener on!

The Instant Brightener also reduces redness, soothes inflammation and stops oil and shine and lasts up to 8 hours. Great for a day out where you don't feel like piling on the makeup.

You can also use the Instant Brightener with other products like concealers or foundation.

The steps should be:

1) Skincare (moisturizers, sun protection etc)
2) True White Plus Instant Brightener
3) Foundation

Now for the True White Plus 2-way foundation!!

I've raved many times before about how awesome Za's foundations are, so when they told me the True White Plus foundation is even better, I was pretty doubtful.

[The True White Plus 2-way foundation is a reformulated and improved version of the current best-selling True White  2-way foundation. It is a whitening foundation, apt for users who are concerned with whitening while the Skin Beauty foundation I tried in the previous post is more apt for users who are concerned with moisturizing.]

But I was really pleasantly surprised!

The texture and finish is even finer than before so when applied (with a wet sponge like I prefer), the foundation goes on smoother and covers more fine lines, which is awesome! This is with the help of the Spotless Brightening Powder ingredient, which evens complexion.

The whitening C ingredient to diminish appearance of dark spots and freckles also means that girls who want fairer brighter skin will love it!


Candy look - This is with the Instant Brightener under my foundation

Love it


Available in 4 shades - 20, 21, 22, 32

OK here's an awesome deal for readers!!

1st 100 to email to with your name, NRIC, and contact number with the secret password: "I want pearly bright skin" will get a one-to-one consultation with a ZA beauty specialist on how to achieve fabulous base make up finish! And not to mention a trial-sized True White Plus 2 way foundation and true white skincare samples!

p/s: Only available for Singaporeans and you have to be a fan of the ZA cosmetics fanpage HERE!

p/p/s: With regards to my clothes believe it or not they are all from Forever21 except the bunny pink skirt.